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North York

Carpet Cleaning North York

If you need your carpet cleaned in Toronto in suburbs such as North York, Ajax, and Milton we are the perfect solution to your problems. We are well known in the area for our expertise and all around experience in the business. We have been working with businesses and private homes for the better part of 20 years, which is something that most companies- let along carpet cleaning companies- can boast abou

Expert Furniture Cleaning

If you have kids you know that your furniture is going to need cleaned often. It seems like every week there is a new spill or stain that can potentially ruin your furniture. Keep in mind that kids are not the only causes for dirty furniture. You might have a pet that is not doing so well with potty training or perhaps just the normal dirt buildup that occurs over time. Regardless of what your situation is or where you are located in Toronto we have you covered.

When you call us we can give you an estimate for the job that needs done. After you get your estimate our trained staff will come in and get to work. We start by deep cleaning all of your furniture with our special and pet friendly cleaning solution. Our machines will get deep in your couch or chair where most vacuums wouldn’t dream of touching. Finally we steam and sanitize your furniture so that it is as clean and fresh as it was the day you bought it.

Service Quality

We understand that life can get very hectic, so you are not always going to be ready to have your carpets serviced early in the day. We offer our services throughout the day and even night. You should be able to rest easy knowing that you can get carpet detail work done regardless of what time it is. There is plenty of detail work that goes into what we do. The best part about Sonic Carpet Care is that we offer other solutions to help you with more than carpets.

Car Detailing

We also offer a service where we can detail the inside of your personal or work vehicle. The process for setting up an estimate is the same as other services. Once your estimate is set up we will come to you and start working on your vehicle. The truth is, some people live in their cars due to commuting, working as a truck driver, and so on. Because folks are living in their cars they tend to get dirty quickly. You should be as comfortable in your car as you are in your house.

We start by deep cleaning your carpets and seats. You can say goodbye to stains, smells, and dirt. Once that is done we go through and deep steam your interior carpet and seats to sanitize them and make them smell great. Our services don’t stop there; we will detail all of the hard surfaces in your car and get rid of sticky messed, cigarette ashes, and dirt. Finally we put a primer on your hard surfaces to give your vehicle a beautiful shine. If you need our North York, Toronto carpet cleaning services or some of our additional services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.