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Carpet Cleaning Whitby

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration if you own your business. Many people associate these factors with the actual business such as sales and inventory. The truth is the way your company looks inside is going to have a huge impact on your sales, customer support, and employee morale. If you have filthy carpets and furniture in your store or business, obviously one of the three previously mentioned groups is going to suffer. You need sales to stay in business, repeat customers to build a rapport and get introduced to new customers, and happy and healthy employees so that your business is optimized for success.

Happy Customers

How would you feel if you went into a store to buy something and the floors were stained? The chances are you would not want to go back to that place. You have to keep that in mind the next time you are looking around and examining your business. Ask yourself would I want to be here if I was a customer? If the answer is no you should consider giving us a call so we can come in and give you an estimate on a deep cleaning for all of your carpets and upholstery.

We will come in and give you an approximate number on what the service is going to cost you, and from there we can set up an appointment to come out and get to work. We specialize in revitalizing carpets that are stained, have a foul odor, or just overall dirty. Because of all of the snow we get in Canada tracking snow and dirt is an issue most of the year. In a few short days the dirt will be noticeable on your carpets and it just won’t look good. We can handle problems like this and more.

Service Areas

Obviously you are going to be very busy and not have the time to detail clean your carpets yourself. Our company is called Sonic Carpet Care because that is what we do best, whether it is residential or a business. We offer our services of carpet cleaning Whitby, Ajax, North York, and other Toronto, Canada based suburbs.

Healthy and Effective Employees

One of the biggest problems that employees have with the place they work is they feel that it just is not clean enough. This factor can bring down morale and actually make your employees sick. Dirty carpets are known for carrying bacteria and other troubling microorganisms that can make you and your employees sick. Our deep cleaning service is perfect for keeping your office or store clean, fresh, and sanitary.

We have a steam cleaning process that involves us going over your carpet multiple times with our commercial steam cleaner. When we do this type of deep cleaning most stains and odors virtually disappear. Even the microorganisms that you can’t see get cleaned out, no matter how deep in the carpet they are hiding. We pride ourselves on our work, and we invite you to give us a shot if you have been meaning to get your carpets professionally cleaned but have not got around to it yet. We hope to hear from you soon!