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Carpet Cleaning Scarborough

One of the most common problems when it comes to dirty carpets is pet stains. We all love our animals, but occasionally accidents happen. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to get pet urine out of your carpet or mattress on your own. We are a professional carpet cleaning company called Sonic Carpet Care. In all of the years that we have been active we have dealt with a slew of situations, including bad pet stains. You shouldn’t have to feel like you are doomed to live in a situation where seeing pet stains on your carpet and furniture is part of your everyday life.

Mattress Cleaning

Pet accidents can happen on more than just your floor. It is an especially common occurrence when you first get a new pet and have to potty train them. If they have an accident on your mattress the results can be devastating. First you have that ugly stain that just will not go away. Besides the stain there is often an unpleasant odor that lingers and can get worse depending on how long you take to treat it.

The fact of the matter is it can be hard to clean all the way to the core of your mattress, which is where odors develop. When we come in to detail your mattress we use a commercial grade steam cleaning machine to clean all the way through your mattress. We can blast through most stains and smells without any issue. We also use an environmentally friendly cleaner to help make your mattress smell as fresh as it looks. The final part of the process involves us sanitizing your bed so that you can feel comfortable where you sleep.

Service Area

We offer our services to the greater Toronto area including suburbs like Scarborough. When it comes to what we actually do you might be shocked to discover that we offer much more than just cleaning rugs. Many people use our services to get their carpets looking like new, then when they discover what else we can do for them they let us detail the rest of their home.

Furniture Cleaning

The same kind of pet accidents that can happen on your bed can also happen on your furniture. Having this happen is especially bad because your furniture is where you sit and where your guests sit when they come to visit. You never want to have guests come over only to find out that you have a urine stained couch with an unpleasant odor. We can take care of that problem for you so that you can feel confident inviting people to come and hang out.

Our furniture cleaning process is similar to our mattress and carpet cleaning services. We go in and deep clean your furniture with our special soap blend and then steam it for sanitization and a deep clean that you can see and feel. Don’t let your pet’s accidents get the better of you. Let us come by and give you an estimate so that you can beat pet urine stains and odors, regardless of where it happened.