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Rug Cleaning

Technicians and Management

Our excellent staff members at Sonic Carpet Care will collect your rugs and perform detail and thorough cleaning. We have complete faith in our staff members because for years we have been delivering top-quality work

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

The following are the steps required for every Rug cleaning service:

  1. Initial inspection upon pick-up/drop-off
  2. Pre-inspection & Photo documentation
  3. Pre-vacuum
  4. Dusting
  5. Color Fastness Test
  6. Pre-spotting
  7. Pre-Conditioning
  8. Fringe Pre-treatment
  9. Agitation for Chemical Distribution and More Effective Cleaning
  10. Rinse or Flush
  11. Forced Air Drying
  12. Additional Fringe cleaning or correction
  13. Grooming and Final Vacuuming
  14. Application of Fabric Protection
  15. Post Inspection
  16. Roll and Secure
  17. Customer Pick-up or Pro-Care Delivery

Service Quality

Why not enhance your working or living environment by getting your rugs professionally cleaned? Premium and quality rugs are expensive and can be a burden when you constantly have to buy new ones. Sonic Carpet Care provides amazing rug cleaning that will make your rugs looking link new. We take pride in our quality and prices, and you will not find a better rug cleaning company that provides high quality for such low prices


At Sonic Carpet Care, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality rug cleaning services available. Here are some of our principles.

  • Consistent quality care and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Reputable cleaning service available 24/7
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Top-notch technicians with years of experience
  • Quick and efficient services