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Carpet Cleaning Pickering

Most people want to deep clean their house, so they often think of things like cleaning carpets, tile, and furniture. It can be hard sometimes to keep up with your cleaning regimen, and that is where we come in. We are Sonic Carpet Care and we offer a range of great services including carpet cleaning Toronto based homes and businesses. If you are trying to take on this job yourself you should give us a chance to show you why we have been at this profession for 18 years. We are a trusted and well known company in our community and have served close to 5000 customers in the time that we have been in business.

Commercial Business Cleaning

Did you know that the way your business looks, feels, and smells can have a big impact on not just your customers, but your employees? The fact of the matter is employees are not going to want to work at a place that has a mildew smell throughout the building, stained carpets, or damaged furniture. We can solve all of those problems with our commercial makeover services.

We will come to your business and start by cleaning all of your furniture and upholstery with our high powered cleaner and sanitizer. By the time your furniture has been cleaned by us it looks and smells brand new again. The sanitization process also gets out all the germs and bacteria that could potentially make someone sick.

Once we are done with your furniture we move on to the carpets. Our company carries a special solution that will get all of the dirt and grim out of your carpet all the way to the core. We will remove stains, unpleasant smells, and even repair damaged carpet sections with our unique blending technique. Finally we go over your carpet one more time with a deep stream clean to sanitize the carpets in your building and make them look like the day they were installed.

We offer these services and more for small businesses and homes all throughout the Toronto area, including the suburb Pickering. If you want an all in one solution to your deep cleaning problems do not think twice about giving us a call for an estimate at no cost to you. We can work on setting up an appointment and come get the job done usually within 24 hours of your estimate. All of us at Clean My Carpet look forward to hearing from you!

Service Quality

We offer the kind of detail work that it would take the average person weeks to do without professional help. Many of our customers love the fact that we can come to them regardless of the time day or night. When you have a busy schedule it can be hard to schedule in some carpet or furniture cleaning companies, you can call us and we will work with your schedule and help you figure out the perfect time for us to come to your home or office. Some of the great services include:

  • Carpet detailing
  • Car cleaning
  • Commercial interior cleaning
  • Tile and grout maintenance
  • Carpet installation and patching
  • Much, much more!