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Pet Stains

Technicians and Management

At Sonic Carpet Care, our technicians and management understand just how important your pets are to you. However there as always been a problem with lasting pet stains and odors that we just cannot seem to get rid off. Using Sonic Carpet Care’s high quality and commercial grade products can take care of the problem rather quickly. Due to our extensive experience, we haven’t seen a stain that we have not been able to take care of. At Sonic Carpet Care, we recommend that you have your carpet and upholstery cleaned at least once a year to maintain the highest sanitary conditions and from having the development of different kind of bacteria, viruses, mildew and dirt. With our professional and experienced carpet cleaning services, we will get your carpet looking brand new.

Pet Stain Cleaning Process

There are 3 steps in the pet stain cleaning process at Sonic Carpet Care that are taken to ensure that your carpet comes out perfect every time:

  1. Use of Wet Vac
  2. High Quality Pet Odor Neutralizer
  3. Carpet Stain Remover

Service Quality

To ensure that we always produce the highest quality services, we ensure that a list of measures are taken such as making sure to test our equipment to make sure that is running properly. At Sonic Carpet Care we always make sure to use the highest quality product, provide the highest quality of workmanship and deliver exceptional results every time!

Did You Know:

  • No matter how long the pet stain has been in the carpet for, even years. At Sonic Carpet Care, our proven methods and environmentally friendly products can take care of the pet stain easily