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Mattress Cleaning

Technicians and Management

We spend a large amount of our time at home in bed and changing the sheets often is not good enough to maintain a healthy sleeping environment. It is important to also clean our mattress as thoroughly as the rest of your home.

Our technicians at Sonic Carpet Care are fully trained and certified and will take as much time needed to ensure that your mattress receives a through deep steam clean. Our steam cleaning process also takes care of any spills, odors or stains that may be embedded  into your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Process

The same quality assurance process that is used in our Carpet Cleaning is applied to our mattress cleaning as well:

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Pre-vacuum
  3. Steam Cleaning
  4. Optional Allergy Relief Treatment
  5. Post Inspection
  6.  Disinfect and Odor removal

Service Quality

At Sonic carpet care, we understand that the bed is one of the most intimate and private parts of your home and there are often pets and children that climb into bed with us. This is why we are proud to offer Green products! You don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals or detergents being used during the cleaning of your mattress. You will finally be able to have a peaceful nights sleep!

Did You Know:

At Sonic Carpet Care, we also offer an Allergy Relief Treatment. This treatment is optional but it is a good idea if you have been itching or sneezing or suffering any additional allergy symptoms as well as suffering with eczema or sinus problems. Our Allergy Relief treatment provides a hypo-allergenic environment and provides immediate relief from these issues.