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Carpet Cleaning

Technicians and Management

At Sonic Carpet Care, our technicians arrive with the training, knowledge, skills and equipment needed to tackle any carpet. Our biggest advantage is that we have obtained decades of experience, and there is no fabric, fiber, or stain that we have not encountered. We at Sonic Carpet Care also have another distinct advantage; our technicians are home owners so we fully understand not only the cost, investment and practicality of your carpet but also the importance of your carpet’s aesthetics and cleanliness as well. When our technicians enter your home, they take every precaution necessary to ensure that your floors and furniture are not damaged. They will wear boot covers and if you are having other workers or movers in your home they will also leave boot covers for them as well! We also provide furniture covers in order to prevent stained wooden furniture form bleeding onto the damp carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Process

There are 5 steps in the carpet cleaning process at Sonic Carpet Care that are taken to ensure that your carpet comes out perfect every time:

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Pre-treatment
  3. Steam Cleaning
  4. Post Inspection
  5. Protect and Groom

Service Quality

To ensure that the job is done to the highest standards, our certified fabric technicians arrive with powerful portable steam cleaning machines that possess enough power to give your carpet a thorough deep steam clean. At Sonic Carpet Care, we also understand that families often consist of special members such as babies, pets, and other members with health issues. This is why at Sonic Carpet Care we are proud to offer 100% Green products that can be used around your entire family without any worry.

Did You Know:

  • Every year, pounds of soil and dirt can collect in and under your carpet
  • Bacteria can live for weeks in carpet fibers
  • Viruses can live for several weeks on carpets, particularly the Norwalk or Noro-virus (this virus causes the stomach flu)
  • Bed bugs can live in carpet fibers and wooden floorboards for weeks
  • In an hour, we shed approximately 1.5 million skin flakes. Most of these collect in our carpet
  • About 2000 dust mites can live in one ounce of carpet dust

This is why at Sonic Carpet Care, we recommend not only steam cleaning your carpet when there is a visible stain or noticeable odor, but on a regular basis in order to maintain the cleanliness on your home.

Addition Carpet Cleaning Steps

At Sonic Carpet Care, we understand just how important our clients are. Our team of technicians work with our clients and team to develop the requirements for the cleaning process

Cost Reporting

We determine the area that needs to be taken care of, as well as what the estimated price will be.

Final Inspections and Walkthrough

At the final inspection, we take the client through the process and show them what was done. We will also address any questions or concerns about the process.